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About online therapy



  • Greater choice – being able to choose a counsellor and not having to worry where they are geographically located

  • Saving time – there’s no need to travel to your sessions

  • Feeling comfortable - you can be seen from your own home or other confidential safe space

  • Greater flexibility - you can have counselling at a time that suits you (which may not have been possible if meeting face to face)

  • Greater privacy - no chance that you will be seen arriving for or leaving your sessions



  • It's important your sessions take place in a space that's confidential - so that you won't be overheard or interrupted

  • Once a session is finished, you might need some time and space to process what’s come up for you

  • To be able to connect you'll need a strong and stable internet/Wi-Fi/ telephone signal 

  • To get the best of your sessions, you'll need to feel confident using video software 

  • How might you feel about speaking to a therapist in your home or other confidential safe space?

  • How might you feel about seeing yourself on a screen?

For some people, being able to fit face to face therapy into their lives just isn’t possible, or preferable. I am experienced at offering online and telephone counselling. I passionately believe it offers choice, flexibility and convenience for my clients without missing out on the very important connection needed between a client and their counsellor.

If you’re new to online therapy, or are not sure if it’s for you, I’ve included some benefits and considerations to help you decide.  

Online therapy is increasing in popularity and there is fast growing evidence to show that it is as effective as having face to face therapy.

Please note that all online sessions are conducted on secure platforms that has end to end encryption for maximum safety. I use Microsoft Teams for this reason, but if you are more comfortable using another platform, we can discuss this.


At our initial session we will discuss how suitable online therapy may be for you, as there may be some ethical issues to consider. Please note that I only conduct online sessions with clients permanently living in the UK. 

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