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Friends or family not really listening?

Therapy is different.

When you need to talk, have you ever noticed friends and family tell you their opinions, give you advice and don’t always seem to be truly listening?


Counselling (sometimes also called talking therapies or psychotherapy) is very different than talking to a friend or family member – though having a good support network is really important. Counselling is a therapeutic way to talk through and express our thoughts and feelings.


Sessions create a confidential and non-judgmental space, just for you, giving you the freedom to explore what you want to gain from counselling.


For some people, counselling is the first time in their lives that they experience someone truly listening to them with no agenda, expectations or connection to them or their situation.

Research shows that counselling has many benefits, including:

  • Seeing things from a different perspective

  • Not feeling alone with your problems

  • Confronting deeply held beliefs and experiences

  • Showing how past experiences and patterns are impacting your life today

  • Understanding yourself better

  • Regaining your identity

  • Learning how you cope best

  • Feeling more positive and empowered as you move forward

How therapy can help you

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